In & Out: Modern life’s common dichotomy

Home is where the heart is.

Home is also where we are made, broken or muddled.

Our domestic lives and extra domestic lives take very different forms, but a lot of the emphasis we make as individuals often defines us as homely or worldly-wise.

What if, there is no difference between our homes and the “outside”? Is that possible? Why, or why not?

Do you take your reasons seriously?



Know yourself in 3 easy steps.


Whenever you try to stick a label on people, ask yourself if you want the most accurate label, or just the quickest one?

Choose one.

Based on your decision, how would you now label yourself?

Self-knowledge 101. You’re welcome.


Negative Demonstration

Negative Demonstration

A common problem with Christianity is the belief that people are fallen.

There is nothing wrong with the belief, per se.

The irony is that Christians manifest that fallenness when they seek to invalidate selected forms of fallenness through persecution, silencing, rejection and judgement. Slaves, lesbians and aborigines have all been victims – some continuing to be.

The point is, Christians become what they believe they are – Fallen, even though they profess to believe in the redemption bought by someone much bigger than that.

Art, Science and Commerce

Art Science and Commerce

I like the to use the analogy of air travel, to explain the traditional branches of institutional education.

Art is the branch that imagines what it is like to fly.

Science is the discipline that experiments until flying happens.

Commerce will stuff the poor sod into Economy Class. And tell the corporations why airline food must be just so.

I have yet to create a better analogy.

New career path

Searching for a new personal economic opportunity is so much like finding another way to whore my time, attention, energy and ability – it’s kinda creepy.Image

Remanufactured Innocence

Remanufactured Innocence

After we break through the apex of achievement, it’s time to make a beeline back to basics.

Where everything is already molested by the hands of man, we leave the next generation with a manufactured plot to call home, and make the most of.



The fog of plenty slowly robs us of connection, compassion.

So we collectively race towards an empty hell of our own design.

Frippery on the Fescue

Chairman Mao banned golf, calling it “bourgeois frippery”.

Today, his party is going through a slow and steady U Turn.

Funny how it all works. Image

Mao testing the wind for his bag.

Radical Love

Radical Love

I quote the Pope, when the Pope says,

“This church with which we should be thinking is the home of all, not a small chapel that can hold only a small group of selected people. We must not reduce the bosom of the universal church to a nest protecting our mediocrity”

Amazing stuff. Choose your absurdity, but don’t make a club to exclude the absurdity of others. We are all fallen, and we cannot get up. 

Whoever you vote for, you end up with a politician.

Today, I’m liking the concept of futilitarianism.