Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Negative Demonstration

A common problem with Christianity is the belief that people are fallen. There is nothing wrong with the belief, per se. The irony is that Christians manifest that fallenness when they seek to invalidate selected forms of fallenness through persecution, silencing, rejection and judgement. Slaves, lesbians and aborigines have all been victims – some continuing …

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Art, Science and Commerce

I like the to use the analogy of air travel, to explain the traditional branches of institutional education. Art is the branch that imagines what it is like to fly. Science is the discipline that experiments until flying happens. Commerce will stuff the poor sod into Economy Class. And tell the corporations why airline food …

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New career path

Searching for a new personal economic opportunity is so much like finding another way to whore my time, attention, energy and ability – it’s kinda creepy.

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